Harmony's Bitters

Harmony's Bitters

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Many plants contain bitter compounds originally formed to deter animals. Over time plants evolved to have lower toxicity levels, and the mammal digestive system adapted to digest bitters and extract nutrients from them.

Throughout the history of the world, bitters have been used as tonics, digestive and metabolic aids, and an anti- inflammatory. Egyptian priests administered bitters in food, pills, or wine. In the Middle Ages, monks gardened rue, tansy, wormwood, dandelion, yellow dock, & burdock, to treat the ailing population. Early Asian populations incorporated bitter roots and fruit peels into their diets as a tonic.

Bitter foods and flavors have taken a back seat to salt and sugar. Many believe that this lack of bitters in our diets may harm our liver and contribute to diabetes, heart inflammation, and fatty infiltration of the liver.

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