{ Our roots }



Theresa Allen is the visionary medicinal herb farmer behind Peace & Harmony Farm. Having spent over twenty years in the restaurant business, she came to farming through the kitchen door and has always had a passion for good, wholesome food. She loves to cook and her favorite food changes with the seasons. Her favorite book, Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle changed her life and her eating habits for good. Over the years she has learned to use alternative, natural practices to heal herself and she believes our bodies, when properly nourished, have the ability to heal themselves.

If you are looking for Theresa, she's the one playing in the dirt, clad in her bib overalls and a great big smile!


After studying under Kathleen Gould at the Southeastern Center for Herbal Studies in 2003, Theresa went on to start Passion Flower Farms, a nursery where she grew herbs, perennial & annual flowers, and vegetables.

Peace & Harmony Farm began in 2009 after Food, Inc. convinced her to begin farming vegetables & fruits as a way to reconnect people to their food. Since then, life's twists and turns have altered her path once or twice, but she has always felt the tug of the healing power of plants.

Theresa became Farm Manager and beloved "Farm Mama" for The Farm at Davidson College in 2012 where she transformed a few bare Carolina clay fields into a flourishing bounty of produce and educational opportunity for Davidson College students.

Her winding path curved once more, when in early 2018 she revamped her nursery with a renewed vision for Peace & Harmony Farm. After years as a vegetable farmer, she yearns for a slower pace & has embraced new land, new growing practices, and a new career as a medicinal herb farmer.

We invite you to follow along this woodland path of exploration and healing with us!


Peace & Harmony Farm is located on 22 acres of woodland oasis along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. We were looking for property to purchase for our "retirement" from careers of agricultural farming and landscape design, where we could begin to grow medicinal herbs in the shade of the trees. We align with a lifestyle ruled by "more trees, less people" (but we love to make new friends!) - and this seemed just the place. Secluded, quiet, and laced with streams, this patch of Blue Ridge forest called out to us. It is here we make our new home and dive deep into the wild world of medicinal herb farming.

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