Let it be.

The New Year promises opportunity for growth and movement and progress. We set goals and aspire to move forward and make the great big things happen. 

As I plant my seeds for this year — not just for my garden, but for me too — I think, "But what if, this year, we decide to just be?”

With so much of our focus on goals and growth — sometimes we forget that one of the most powerful tools we have is our presence. 

So this year, I will be. 

Be myself

Be free

Be creative

Be still (or at least try, okay?!)

Be peaceful

Be kind

Be patient

Be happy

Be humble

Be forgiving (of myself, and others)

Be grateful

Be intentional

Let’s sit with ourselves this year. With our successes and failures, our challenges, our joys — and let us learn from it all. We have a lot to teach ourselves if we’ll just take a moment to sit and listen.


Love to all, T

Theresa Allen