A Warm Welcome

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Welcome to Peace and Harmony Farm, dear friends! I am so excited to have you join us as we begin our journey into the world of culinary and medicinal herbal growing. It is certainly a long time coming. I took the first steps down this path 15 years ago. Since then, life has handed us our share of twists, turns, and surprises, but we have always been pulled back to the healing power of plants.

For the last few years, my partner Jim and I have been searching for land on which to retire. While we had initially planned on finding our own plot of open farm land, we have grown weary of the hot sun and instead have decided to retreat into the cool shade of the trees. We landed upon property in Meadows of Dan, Virginia, comprised of just 4 acres of open farm land and 18 acres of shady goodness. With our new land has come a whole new perspective on growing! 

After years as a vegetable farmer, I yearn for a slower pace. I’m sure that if I can only stop and listen, the plants are calling.

This year brings shifts and changes of all varieties, and in embracing those changes I center upon the word {explore}. I am exploring a new career, new growing practices, new plants, and new land.

I invite you to follow along as I explore my woodland path and new way of life.

Until next time! Green blessings and light,


Theresa Allen